Álvaro Marrero Mora, alumno de 4ºC de nuestra sección, nos cuenta su experiencia durante estos meses en Irlanda.

My Time in Ireland
The time I spent in Ireland was great! I had a lot of fun and it was definitely an experience I
will never forget!
I stayed in a little town called Tuam with my host parents, Colette and Padraig.
Both of them were very nice people and they really cared for me and my brother.
Occasionally, there would be other people visiting the house. There was Padraig’s sister,
Carmel, who often stayed over and was like a third host parent to us, Colette’s three
daughters who often came for dinner, Padraig’s daughter, and finally an Italian girl called
Aurora who was previously an exchange student as well.
Each morning we took the bus to Galway, the third most populated city in Ireland and the
place where we actually went to school. We went to a very big school called Galway
Community College which was filled with different classrooms. The classes in Ireland are
very different from the ones in Spain, learning there is more technical than theoretical. You
do a lot of different activities related to the subjects you are studying. For example, going to
a French café in French class or going to the swimming pool for PE. Overall, school in
Ireland was way more fun than I expected!
As part of the program, we had various planned trips for all the students participating in the
exchange. The first trip was to an adventure centre where we did a lot of things like paddle in
a small boat, play one-on-one basketball on trampolines or climb a rock wall.
The second trip was to an enormous farm where we baked bread, did a traditional Irish
dance, and saw a lot of animals. I even got to hold a bunny!
The third trip consisted of going to a big stadium where people play traditional Irish sports
and then going to Dublin! Dublin is a wonderful city! It’s filled with nice looking buildings and
lots of different places to take cool pictures!
For the last trip, we visited the Cliffs of Moher. The view there was amazing if only a little bit
scary. Then we went to Galway. I had already been there a bunch of times since it’s where
the school was but I had fun just revisiting the city. It looks really pretty!
Overall, my time in Ireland was wonderful and I would really recommend going to anyone
who wants to learn English or just wants to have a fun experience in a foreign country!

Álvaro Marrero Mora

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